A little something for your neighbor…

I have always had a special spot in my heart for people who have spent many years on this Earth. My children share the feeling of joy I get from spending time with elderly people. We have two neighbors who are both widowers.  The kids enjoy taking them hand-made cards or our fresh – baked brownies.  They are excited to do something kind for our elderly neighbors and often in return receive a chocolate bar for their deliveries. I love watching them skip across the street in the early morning, wearing their jammies, delivering kindness and goodness to our neighbors.
I encourage you to take a minute out of your busy lives and do something special for an older member of your community. The rewards are priceless.

Dear coffee, I love you

Every morning my husband makes coffee and places two cups out on the counter.  My cup has a piece of paper in it with a special note for the day. I rely on this morning ritual. I’m ready to start my day with a smile on my face because of this little note placed in my favorite coffee cup!